What does the status “In Transit” mean?

we don’t want to travel outside for accommodation but would love to go into the city. Thanks for giving some excellent advise here.

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I am a Canadian citizen and I will be travelling from Calgary to Delhi via London and will have a 19 hour layover in London. During this time I would like to visit my cousin in London. I would like your advise if I can go out during this time. If so then what all do I need to follow and also how to make sure my luggage is checked till Delhi. I am an Indian citizen with Indian passport.

Always check beforehand with your airline to see if your ticket allows you to leave the transit area. Would I be able to leave the airport during this time?

6 hours is quite short, so you really do not want to go far from the airport, and of course make sure that you check your bags through to their final destination when you check in for your flights in Greece. I am Thai and have a US Green Card, flying to Thailand and will have a 14 hour layover in Vienna.

Is my visa ( us visa ) and my passport ( iraqi passport ) is enough or i need any other types of visa . Hi,I am a Bangladeshi citizen with a 6 month multiple entry visa for the uk.

There is 1 travel agent whom I contacted for tickets who insists that with more than 7 hours stayover airside visa is required, but I know of some people in similar situation as me did not need transit visa at LHR. Hi, I’m a Dutch citizen traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska. On my way back to Amsterdam I have a 7,5 hour layover in Seattle. Can I leave the airport for a few hours to do some sightseeing? I’m flying from Ho Chi Minh City to London with a connecting flight in Beijing.

I´m a portuguese citizen, during my return flight from cancun to Lisbon I have a 8 hour layover at Miam airpot, during day time, can I go to the center of the city, do I need a Visa? Would apreciate if you can give me some advice, I´m 62 years, traveling on my own. I am a Malaysian and traveling to Istanbul and have a transit at Dubai Airport for 6.5 hours. Do you think I can leave the airport and get some fresh air and the sunrise view since I will arrive at the airport at 6am. I am traveling via Emirates from Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Istanbul.

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What is the meaning of in transit?

in transit. phrase. If people or things are in transit, they are traveling or being taken from one place to another.

This is my first time traveling and alone, please help to answer. Hi there , we are travelling from London to New Zealand and have a 23 hour stopover in Singapore just trying to find out if we are allowed to leave the airport? Also if there is a hotel that we could book in the airport for us to maybe shower and have a snooze!

Just wondered whether it’s possible to leave the airport, stay in Beijing for a few days and get the trans-Siberian back to Moscow? (ie, not take the connecting flight to London) It’s actually cheaper to get this flight than to get one from London – Ho Chi Minh city – Beijing. I have an 8 hour layover and my Travel Agent said I would need a Visa to leave the airport – I think you must have to go through immigration. I am flying to HK from the US via Cathay Pacific. I will then fly to Malaysia via Malaysia Airlines in the afternoon.

  • Is my visa ( us visa ) and my passport ( iraqi passport ) is enough or i need any other types of visa .

Will I be allowed to leave the airport premises during my layover? Please help, I haven’t been able to get any clear information on this topic. I have a 12 layover in San franscisco coming up and on the return flight a 8hr layover in LA could someone let me know if I need a visa to leave the airport I am a British passport holder and will be flying from New Zealand. I am a UK citizen, about to have a 10 hour layover at Beijing. Assuming airline says I can leave the airport, I imagine I would need a visa to leave and take a quick tour of town?

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I’m scared to book the flights and be stuck in an airport for this amount of time. There are only so many shops to look in at airports and I just do NOT want to be stuck somewhere for hours on end on my own.

I am going to Newcastle via London and have 6 hour layover in the middle. Am I allowed to leave the airport for a few hours and return. I, Indian National,am traveling to Toronto with my family including children and we have a layover of around 18 hours at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, we have Canadian PR Cards. Can we leave the airport to see the city and be back to catch the flight next day.

I am wondering if I can have my baggage checked thru the final destination in Malaysia and also leave HK airport to meet some friends in the city. In order words, can I leave my baggage (checked) at the airport while visiting the city.

Do I need to check my luggage again or I can check it through my final destination in Istanbul? Also, how many boarding pass will be given to me from KL-Istanbul via Dubai transit?

Loving the cheap airfares, but 10 hours in an airport does not feel like fun. However, some tickets may not permit you to leave the airport.

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in transit

I Have a valid US H1B visa expiring in 2014. I am planning to travel to Indian through virgin atlantic and on the route from USA to India will have a 10 hr stop over at Heathrow.My luggage will mostly be checked upto India. Firstly I would like to know if I need the airside transit visa if I just stay on airport.

For shipments to and from France

To get leave the airport to explore the country during my layover hours, what kind of visa do I need? I’ve been looking around for information but I got confused. I am travelling to the US and have a 19 hour layover at LHR. I hold a valid student visa for the USA and a valid tourist visa for the UK.

Are we allowed to leave the airport without a Turkey Visa as we hold PR cards and valid on-ward boarding cards of the flight to Toronto. I, Indian National,am traveling to Toronto with my family including children and we have a layover of around 18 hours, we have Canadian PR Cards. Citizens of the Philippines with valid Philippine passports do not need visa’s to visit singapore for tourist purposes. You may therefore leave the airport, and enter Singapore.