It’s evident that you worry about your personal information. There’s something that you
don’t want anyone else to know. But you can be assured that online accounting services
will keep all your private and business data confidential to the extent, allowed by
Working with us, you can be sure that all your private data is secure. We follow the data
security regulations and protect all your information with our reliable 256-byt encrypted
secure system. We’re interested in protecting your privacy and concentrated on fair data

Our Privacy Policy

What you want to know about is the way we keep our customers’ personal information safe.

– We handle all the data provided to us with the highest confidentiality. Only members of our team are see it because we need it for online bookkeeping.

– We never share this private information with our customers’ competitors or any third parties.

– We only disclose the personal data of our clients after we get their written permission or we are required to do that legally.

– We keep the private information safe, but we also adhere to legislation, so, the personal data is not kept confidential from the IRS.

– We’re ready to consult with attorneys, when the subject matter discussed with our customers needs confidential communication.

When we start working with you, we get information about your business from the following sources:

– The information you fill in while creating an account on our platform;

– The information you give us while we’re rendering our services for you;

– The information you disclose to our customer support team;

– Information we get from third-party employees, experts and websites. That’s what we do with all the data we get from you and about you:

– Collect;

– Analyze;

– Store;

– Transfer within our company;

– Disclose if necessary.

Why we need your personal information

We can’t render our services to you without knowing much about you. So, that’s the list of things we do with your personal data:

– Verify your identity;

– Do online bookkeeping for you;

– Assist you with your technical issues;

– Communicate with you.

We, online accounting services, are devoted to our customers. We need your personal information for rendering good bookkeeping services for you. All the private date you share with us is kept safe with the help of our up-to-date encryption system. You can trust us because it is in our interest that our clients stay happy and satisfied.