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Apple’s canonical solution for this is to erase your phone entirely and to start again. If you have a backup that predates adding a Screen Time passcode, restoring this will remove it. However, you’ll also lose any messages or data you’d created in the meantime. If you want to use an iCloud backup instead of an iTunes one, use this guide to see how to download it on your computer. You’ll need a license if you want to use an iCloud backup to get your restrictions passcode back.

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It’s just too complex to recover by manually, but we have built the functionality to recover Screen Time restrictions into iPhone Backup Extractor since the iOS 12 betas. iTunes backups not only include your phone settings and your personal data but also Restrictions Passcode (default or custom). If you regularly back your device up to iTunes on your computer, you should be able to easily recover Restrictions passcode. The steps below depends on whether you’re backing to a Mac or Windows. We’ll details the steps for each of these platforms.

Once it is restored, you phone will be how it was — but without the Screen Time passcode. Now we know in case we forget our screen time passcode, we just have to use iTunes backup password recovery tool from PassFab to get our working device back. We also know the reason why we forgot screen time passcode, and how to avoid losing the screen time passcode in the future. iOS devices are made extremely anti-theft due to which recovery of passcodes is not easy. This system has made our devices even safer that nobody can steal or even look into our data without our permission.

Once the file is downloaded, it can be used by the iPhone Backup Extractor like any regular iTunes backup file. Once the firmware upgrade has completed, iTunes will ask you to choose a backup to restore from. Select the backup you made earlier and restore it.

Upon setting the feature for your child’s device, the iOS 12 (or above) will ask you to set a screen time password. Also, you need to set a password on iOS 12 (or above) to access Content & Privacy Restrictions.

If you opt for “Ask For More Time” on the restricted apps, you can create a screen time passcode there, too. Restrictions settings are used prior for iOS 12 to restrict children’s access to specific apps or content from Music, Podcasts and iBooks.

As you can see the situation is getting terrible, now after 10 failed attempts, your system will be either completely locked out, or it will erase all your data. This depends on the settings of your device. To save yourself from this crucial situation you have to keep your screen time passcode safe as much as you can. Hence, you just simply CANNOT forget your password, otherwise, you will have to face terrible circumstances. The 4-digit screen time password is different than the password used to lock and unlock your iOS device.

How do I remove restrictions on Verizon?

A restriction is an official rule that limits what you can do or that limits the amount or size of something. You can refer to anything that limits what you can do as a restriction.

We’ve been covering changes in iOS restriction passcodes since iOS 2. Experience has taught us that Apple changes the mechanism at least a little with every major release of iOS, and the release of Screen Time in iOS 12 added more great functionality. We’ve kept up with this, and iPhone Backup Extractor is able to recover or remove the Screen Time passcode or restrictions passcode from any Apple device on any version of iOS.

Read on to know the different techniques to bypass iOS screen time passcode later in this article. Without the four-digit passcode restrictions can’t be changed. If you have forgotten your restrictions passcode you must restore your iPhone using iTunes to reset the passcode. When asked, do not restore the iPhone from backup, otherwise the old passcode you don’t know will be enabled. Restrictions for iPhone/iPad is an amazing parental control feature provided by Apple which helps parents to set boundaries and limits as to what their children can access on their iDevice.

It will also reset the password, so if Screen Time is re-enabled, you’ll be prompted to choose a new passcode. Most of us have unique and complex passwords for every other app that is hard to remember. Now you don’t have to write them down on a piece of paper. The best way to keep all your login details of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices safe is to use a iOS password manager. You can avoid losing screen time passcode by simply entering your passcode in the password manager.

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  • Experience has taught us that Apple changes the mechanism at least a little with every major release of iOS, and the release of Screen Time in iOS 12 added more great functionality.
  • We’ve been covering changes in iOS restriction passcodes since iOS 2.

Screen time comes in the parental control which allows parents to limit their children’s activity on certain apps through Control & Privacy Restrictions. If you forgot screen time passcode, you need to read this article. All your data is now erased from your iPhone/iPad, and it is like a new device with.

In the event that you are in such a fix, read on to find some solutions you can try. There is a program which has the ability to read the ‘Restrictions Passcode’ on your Mac, from the iTunes Backup file which you just made. Download the ‘iPhone Backup Extractor’ app from the link below. Then unzip, install and run the program, telling it to ‘Read Backups’ from your iPhone.

To unlock screen time passcode, first, you have to create the backup of your data so you don’t lose your data as we need to reset your iOS 13/12.4/12. Don’t waste your time in inefficient methods or which are tedious to perform.

You can begin to set up the device in the way you want, including a new ‘Restrictions Passcode’. You can restore just exactly which data you want from you dr.fone backup as mentioned in Solution Two. Once removed/re-added iOS 5 no longer stores the restrictions passcode in the com.apple.springboard.plist file. The process will disable Screen Time on an iOS device (and, optionally, on every other iOS device and Mac on the same Apple ID).

What is a restriction?

time restriction definition. A donor-imposed restriction on net assets that requires using the assets within a specified passage of time.

From iOS 12 onwards, it was replaced by “Screen Time”, which iPhone Backup Extractor also fully supports. It sets up a 4 digit code that you need to input each time you want to access or use the restricted apps or features. Many people set-up a “restrictions passcode” to regulate usage of their own or their children’s iPhones. It’s not hard to forget a passcode, especially if these setting aren’t changed regularly. With the release of iOS 12, Apple migrated the restrictions passcode data to a more secure location on the iPhone, and one which isn’t practical to share manual instructions for.

As most of the kids know the password used to enter their parents’ iPhone, the screen time passcode help parents to keep this passcode a secret. If you want to change screen time passcode or disable it in iOS 12 or above.


Sometimes it happens with all of us that we forget our passwords that are complex and unique and hard to remember. We all have many apps that require safety and passwords, and we just cannot keep the track of all of them in our mind. We have to keep them safe somewhere else too, like write them somewhere.

Do remember to keep a backup of your iPhone before you try it. To enhance our digital health and boost our device’s performance, Apple’s iOS 12 features some great add-ons in the device. One of those awesome features is screen time. It monitors our app usages, and when our set time is finished or say it timeout, the apps are automatically shut down which helps us to avoid spending too much time on social media apps or gaming. All your iOS 12 devices in your home are linked to each other, and you can set App limits for yourself and your kids using screen time.

Only you have to remember is one password to unlock the rest. If you keep trying to unlock the screen time and you have failed for 6 times, the screen will lockout for 1 minute. 7 times failure of attempting to enter passcode gives you 5 minutes lockout, 8 failures give 15 minutes lockout, and 9 failures give you 1 hour lockout.

We have the best solution to unlock your iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)/Xs/Xs Max/XR/X/8, etc, which is using PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker. It is able to bypass backup password and screen time passcode you have on your iPhone and iPad. Apple has implemented a technique of Screen Time passcode to secure the Content & Privacy Restrictions on your iPhone. It also helps to set time limits for each app the user spends on his device.

However, this can turn around to be a pain in the butt should you forget the Restriction passcode. Want to turn off Restrictions on iPhone but don’t know the password without resetting?

There is also an alternative solution to reset your restriction passcode even if you forgot the password. According to our test, you can try dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS) to completely erase your device, icluding the restriction passcode. After that, you can then use the above method tool to restore your iPhone data.