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Photography is just one of its specialisms, however, as it also covers cycles and caravans. It also provides ‘new for old’ cover, not just cameras but also for drones (as long as you’re using said drone for non-commercial purposes). Based in Guildford, Surrey, Eversure says its team is on hand to answer queries during normal working hours, with policy amendments being able to be made either via phone or email. General liability and commercial property insurance are two of the most important insurance policies for LLCs.

A basic policy should cover losses due to fire, lightning, wind, hail and acts of vandalism. Depending on where you live, you might want to add additional coverage to protect you from earthquakes and other types of damage.

Most policies also cover your liability for any injuries and property damage that you or your family members (including your pets) cause to others. They may not be able to offer a bespoke policy that some specialty business insurers can offer, but they are able to provide the policies that small businesses need.

Who Needs Commercial Property Insurance?

As the nation’s second-largest insurer, Geico carries a variety of liability protection options, from personal to professional coverage. Best financial strength rating of A++, which provides some peace of mind. Geico requires you to max out your auto policy liability limit at $300,000 before buying a Geico umbrella policy. For instance, your auto insurance policy protects you in case of a car accident, while your homeowners policy covers your house, and the belongings in it, against theft or damage. By contrast, umbrella insurance is a single policy that covers most aspects of your financial life – just like an umbrella covers every part of your body in a rainstorm.

You probably have insurance to cover your home and vehicle should an accident happen, but liability coverage on those policies is limited. If you carry a standard auto insurance policy, you might have liability insurance ranging from $100,000–$300,000.

USAA offers umbrella insurance ranging between $1 million and $5 million to those members who already have home and car insurance with the company. USAA umbrella policies are for personal liability only and do not cover any business or professional services. Each USAA liability policy covers you when you travel anywhere in the world, and it extends to all the members of your household.

These include commercial general liability insurance and commercial auto coverage. The Insurance Emporium has two comprehensive base policies, to which you can add elective benefits. Professional policies also feature accidental portfolio damage, props, professional indemnity and business interruption. The Insurance Emporium’s elective benefits include the addition of gadgets and mobile phones, sports and action cameras, waterproof photographic equipment and other useful options.

Commercial Property Insurance Cost

How much does a 1 million dollar business insurance policy cost?

How Much Does Warehouse Insurance Cost? The average price of a standard $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy for small warehouse businesses ranges from $117 to $189 per month based on location, size, payroll, sales and experience.

Your home insurance premium is typically paid monthly, along with your monthly mortgage payment. Infocus offers insurance protection for both photographers and video makers, helping protect your business and enable it to quickly recover from any catastrophes. With its policies underwritten by Hiscox Insurance, there’s the ability to pay in interest-free instalments, while worldwide cover is also offered for photographic equipment. Interestingly, the company says it can also provide PR help if you ever need crisis containment. Making sure applications are quick and easy, there are two levels of off-the-peg insurance policies offered to photographers and videographers, namely Basic and Standard.

Total insurable value is a property insurance term referring to the sum of the full replacement cost value of the insured’s covered property, business income values, and any other insured property. A commercial property policy may also cover loss of income or increase in expenses that results from the property damage. Their business owner’s policies are competitively priced while providing the right mix of property and liability coverage. They also offer specialty business insurance products like Employment Practices liability insurance to protect your business from being sued by a disgruntled employee. Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not protect your property in the event of floods and earthquakes.

If someone sues you, your future earnings are also at stake, as those earnings could be garnished to pay for that lawsuit. If you’re a small business owner, liability insurance is something you don’t want to overlook. If someone gets hurt on your company’s property or one of your employees damages or hurts another, the liability insurance protects your business assets. This is especially important if you have company vehicles or you travel regularly for work. Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance, meaning that its job is to protect you against lawsuits.

Umbrella liability insurance is a policy that extends the coverage of underlying liability insurance policies. When the limits on the underlying policies are spent, umbrella insurance often pays the remaining costs up to the umbrella policy’s limit. For example, if a customer’s slip-and-fall ends up costing $250,000 in legal fees and medical bills, and your general liability limit is $150,000, then your umbrella covers the remaining $100,000. General liability insurance is a policy that covers some of the most common business risks, namely third-party injuries, property damage, and reputational harm. If your LLC is accused of causing any of these, your general liability insurance typically pays for the injured party’s medical costs or repairs, or your legal fees if they decide to sue.

So if you live in a state or area prone to these types of events, you may want (or be required to by your lender) to purchase extra insurance coverage. Any camera gear you own – such as a tripod, remote shutter release, lens, or external flash – is automatically covered under your base home insurance policy for theft, fire, vandalism, etc. But if you want to add Extra Coverage for your gear, you’ll need to schedule your equipment separately from your camera.

So any time you run over the liability limits on one of your other insurance policies, your umbrella policy is there to take care of the extra costs. The accent here is on giving photographers value, with Eversure working closely with its underwriters to be able to provide camera insurance policies starting from just a penny shy of £20.

  • As the nation’s second-largest insurer, Geico carries a variety of liability protection options, from personal to professional coverage.

With most auto insurance policies, the maximum amount of liability coverage you can buy is either $300,000 or $500,000 per accident, but damages in a lawsuit can easily add up to millions of dollars. Having an umbrella policy keeps a massive lawsuit from wiping out all your other assets. In addition, an umbrella policy protects you against being sued for damage that other policies don’t cover, such as an accident you cause at work or on vacation. It offers several products, including general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Keeping all of your business insurance policies with the same provider can help ensure complete coverage and also earn you some discounts.

If you cause a major car accident and are sued for $500,000, your $300,000 auto policy coverage won’t protect you completely for that lawsuit. You may still owe $200,000 depending on the outcome of the lawsuit, which means your investments and assets are all at risk.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance NOT Cover?

Priced at £199 and £299 per year respectively, they cover equipment to the value of £5,000 or £10,000, as required. Alternatively, you can create your own bespoke policy by using its website, or by calling its UK team direct to discuss. Note that in many cases, you can’t get an umbrella policy unless you already have high-dollar liability coverage on your auto and homeowners insurance. You can select a range of coverage for your commercial property insurance.

General Liability Insurance Prices

If you’re going to purchase liability coverage, you want to make sure ahead of time that it covers you for every scenario before you sign your name on the dotted line. If your teenager crashes the family car through a fence and into the side of your neighbor’s house, an umbrella insurance policy can pay for any damage beyond the limits of your auto insurance. The policy also covers damage that isn’t included in auto and homeowners policies. LLCs that own or use vehicles for their business need commercial auto insurance in case they or their employees cause an accident while operating a company vehicle. Most states require vehicle owners to purchase liability coverage to pay for other’s property damage and physical injuries.

Warehouse Insurance Policy Information

For instance, some insurers offer coverage for lawsuits involving slander or personal defamation, while other insurers shy away from this coverage. A variety of providers cover your damage if you crash an ATV on vacation, but others exclude this from their policies.

They also offer commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance. If you are a professional, you can also add on errors and omissions insurance easily.

Photoguard is another trade specialist when it comes to protecting your photographic equipment that might not otherwise be covered by your regular household insurance. It also makes the point that if you’re using the camera as a professional photographer, you may not be able to claim on your home insurance. A major advantage with Photoguard is that it has a claims excess of just £50 and can cover you for travel both in the UK and abroad. The Pro policy also extends to covering ‘associates’ – which it classifies as fellow photographers or assistants who work with you – against claims by third parties. Ripe understands that no two photographers are the same – and neither are two bags of kit.

However, business owners may want to add other coverages to increase their protection. Commercial property insurance covers damage to your LLC’s physical assets. These assets may include your building, if it’s owned by the LLC, and your business personal property, such as office equipment, inventory, fixtures, and furniture. If these are damaged by covered events, then your property insurer pays the insured amount minus your deductible. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for your home and belongings in the event of a “destructive” event, such as wind and hail, theft, or fire.

General liability coverage pays for costs that follow third-party injuries and damages, including medical bills, repair bills, and settlements or judgments if the LLC is sued after a covered event. A business owners policy (BOP) bundles these coverages for more affordable premiums. Homeowners insurance is a specific type of insurance policy that protects homeowners against losses and damage caused by perils such as fires, storms, or burglary. It also covers legal costs if someone is injured in your home or on your property. Earthquake and flood coverage is typically not included in standard homeowners insurance policies, but you may be able to add on this additional coverage (flood insurance is often required in flood zones).

Along with protecting you for a claim relating to your home, car or boat, this umbrella coverage also protects against personal claims such as libel or slander. In addition to personal liability umbrella insurance, State Farm also has a variety of business liability insurance packages and policies to offer complete coverage for your professional needs.

If your business suffers from a covered loss, you’ll file a claim with your insurance company. The company can pay for the losses so you can either replace, repair or rebuild. The most common types of commercial insurance are property, liability and workers’ compensation. Depending on your business, you may want additional specialized coverages. Their standard business policy is a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy) that covers property damage and general liability.

That’s why it offers bespoke camera insurance that features worldwide coverage, cover against theft from your home or an unattended vehicle, as well as accidental damage both at home and while away. There’s even dedicated consideration given to videographer insurance cover, too, so vloggers and cinematographers alike can tailor-make a policy to suit their specific needs. On top of all that, Ripe also has one of the most intuitive and helpful websites out there – including a special page that prompts you to double-check everything in your kit bag! Coverage starts from just £2.86 per month, and right now there’s 20% off all policies. Best rating of A++, which makes it a smart choice if you want the assurance of a strong liability provider.