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Minimum qualifications are ones that a candidate must have in order to do the job. An example of a minimum qualification for a retail associate is good written and verbal communication skills. Screening resumes is usually the most time-consuming part of recruiting so a good resume screening checklist is crucial to stay on track.

If you have set limitations on where you will live, state them. But be aware that this may be a limiting factor in your job search so, if you are open to considering, keep things open. Do not focus on specific preferences unless you know your preferred location is the location (or one of the locations) being offered by this employer. Many employers will have multiple roles in multiple locations so you should be as open and as flexible as possible.

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If the candidate is not willing to consider that location, it will be a very short interview. This question is often asked as a screening question before considering the candidate for a more in-depth interview.

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Definition of preferred. 1 : liked better or best : used or wanted in preference to others a preferred method ‘Leveled’ is the preferred spelling in American English. 2 : having special status or receiving special treatment or benefits preferred customers.

The average annual compensation for active distributors in 2012 was $1,781. Most jobs (with the exception of virtual location roles) have a set physical location. If you’re not already in that location, it would require a move to get you there.

It’s a choice location, but you will pay more to live there.

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According to Advocare’s 2015 income disclosure statement, the company had 623,003 distributors who had purchased product or received a check that year. Among them, 28% earned a check from the company in 2015, thereby being classified as “active distributors”; active distributors received a total of 1,294,716 checks with an average annual compensation of $1,586, not including expenses. For 2016, the company reported that 570,289 distributors had purchased product or received a check; 157,905 were active and their average annual compensation had declined to $1,429.

An example of a preferred qualification is whether the candidate has prior related work experience. The first step in your resume screening checklist is understanding which skills, traits, and behaviors are necessary to be successful in the role. In general, “preferred to” is still about twice as common as “preferred over” in English literature, so the former is the safer choice, but using “A is preferred over B” is much more acceptable than using “people prefer A over B”. The selection of one thing or person over others.The option to so select, and the one selected.Can I keep my preferences when I upgrade to the new version of this application? The state of being preferred over others.A strong liking or personal valuation.A preferential bias; partiality; discrimination.Preferans, a card game, principally played in Eastern Europe.

In October 2019, the FTC ruled that Advocare was a pyramid scheme that swindled hundreds of thousands of consumers. According to the FTC, AdvoCare rewarded distributors not for selling product but for recruiting other distributors to spend large sums of money pursuing the business opportunity, and nearly all of them lost money after expenses. In a landmark settlement, AdvoCare and its former chief executive agreed to pay $150 million for consumer refunds and were banned from all multi-level marketing. Two of AdvoCare’s top promoters also settled with the FTC for $4 million, most of which was suspended, based upon their inability to pay, and were also banned from multi-level marketing. is an American dietary supplement company and former multi-level marketing company that was determined by the U.S.

  • Depending on a job’s workflow, candidates can be screened based on minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications, or both.
  • The second step in your resume screening checklist is deciding if each job qualification is a minimum or preferred one.

Before founding AdvoCare, Ragus worked as a regional vice president for Fidelity Union Insurance, and as a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributor for Herbalife. He had initially founded the MLM company Omnitrition International in 1989. Ragus briefly played defensive end for the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs in the 1960s.

Some candidates will have absolutes when it comes to location (which is often the case when there is a spouse or other family involved) while others can be very flexible. Depending on your hiring volume, you may want to automate some or all of your resume screening checklist. In that case, investing in a resume screening technology may be the way to go. The majority of recruiters believe screening candidates is the most time-consuming and hardest part of their job. As hiring volume is predicted to increase in 2017, screening resumes will only become more of a challenge.

Which is correct: Preferred or Prefered

For high-volume recruitment, intelligent resume screening is a huge technological step forward. Not only does it save you the time it takes to manually screen resumes, it helps you better predict quality of hire by learning which candidates moved on to become successful and unsuccessful employees. Intelligent resume screening is software that integrates with your ATS that automates steps 1 to 3 of your resume screening checklist for you. The purpose of this scorecard is to be able to easily rank each candidate based on the job qualifications and shortlisting the strongest candidates.

Prefer indicates a state of desire and approval; choose, an act of will. Prudence or generosity may lead one to choose what he does not prefer. Select implies a careful consideration of the reasons for preference and choice. Among objects so nearly alike that we have no reason to prefer any one to another we may simply choose the nearest, but we could not be said to select it. Aside from theology, elect is popularly confined to the political sense; as, a free people elect their own rulers.

The more open you are to multiple locations, the more attractive you will be not only as a candidate, but also as a future internal candidate, since future promotions may involve internal corporate relocation. A good rule of thumb is that a candidate would be unable to do the job without each minimum qualification whereas he or she would be able to do the job without any of the preferred qualifications. To help you identify the best candidates more easily and in less time, I’ve created this 4-step resume screening checklist.

The second step in your resume screening checklist is deciding if each job qualification is a minimum or preferred one. Depending on a job’s workflow, candidates can be screened based on minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications, or both. Prior to July 2019, AdvoCare was a multi-level marketing company. Citing closed-door discussions with the Federal Trade Commission, AdvoCare ceased operating as a multi-level marketing company, and instead began only compensating distributors for sales of products to consumers.

The company, headquartered in Plano, Texas, was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and employed roughly 250 people in 2013. When AdvoCare switched from multi-level marketing to single-level direct selling in 2019, it claimed a network of approximately 100,000 independent distributors.


For example, an extroverted candidate with good communication skills (minimum qualification) who lacks prior retail experience (preferred qualification) can be successful as a retail associate with some on-the-job training. Preferred qualifications are ones that would make someone a stronger candidate.


AdvoCare ceased offering KickStart Spark, targeted to youth age 4–11, after pediatricians had expressed concerns about the product containing 60 mg of caffeine. AdvoCare was also the subject of criticism for its marketing at youth athletic events. In 2005, the company paid $5,000 to sponsor a high school wrestling tournament in Sacramento but after negative publicity, AdvoCare officials said they would not sponsor any more school events. In 2009, a Dallas County jury awarded $1.9 million in damages against AdvoCare after finding that the company had engaged in deceptive trade practices and unfairly canceled agreements with two of its distributors. The appeal was dismissed on March 13, 2012 and the company was ordered to reimburse the Badgett’s for court costs related to their defense in the appeal case.

Cull, from the Latin colligere, commonly means to collect, as well as to select. is that preference is the selection of one thing or person over others while choice is an option; a decision; an opportunity to choose or select something. In March 2016, Advocare was the subject of a critical exposée in ESPN The Magazine. Charles Ragus founded AdvoCare in 1993 as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that distributes dietary supplement products.