Outsource invoicing: Is It Time to Outsource Invoicing?

Outsource invoicing

Consult with your IT department to learn more about how you can permit your assistant to access only to needed areas of the system. Make sure to include any specific requirements or guidelines as well as examples. There is no telling exactly what each day will look like in any organization.

Though they would all have a need to issue and pay Invoices if they are in business. Prior experience of the vendor shortens the learning curve and will help you achieve a steady-state faster. Now imagine Business A receives a hundred such Invoices form a hundred vendors from their hundred unique systems in a month. Any time any information needs to be retrieved from the Invoices it would become a manual exercise. What we perhaps also know is that each business operates with the help of a unique combination of processes and technologies.

There will be slow or busy days, depending on how many bills are yet to be issued or paid. Billing specialists need to be good multitaskers to finish their workloads on time. Of course, in invoicing errors and mistakes are kept to a minimum as even the smallest typographical error can lead to a huge dispute.

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Save your business time and energy by outsourcing these responsibilities to a third party, and you’ll have more efficient systems and a boost to the bottom line. Managing your finances is one of the most important ways to keep growing, so never overlook accounting processes you should be tackling. When you use a third party for invoicing, you’re allowing someone else to focus on the steps you need to take to ensure your business is compliant. Payment processing can be complex, and experienced companies can ensure that every single correct action is taken.

Your company must stay on top of compliance when it does its own accounts payable department. Regardless of it’s a state-specific such as privacy laws, or federal law such as HIPPA, your company should be sure that your company is following regulations. When you have a large number of customers, it can become a gargantuan task. Outsourcing your accounts payable process, ensures you do not violate any state or federal laws. Experts you are entrusting your invoicing to know the laws more intimately than a regular accounts payable employee at your company does.

Outsource invoicing

By getting a large volume of invoices processed within a short turnaround time, you can be sure of achieving a high customer satisfaction score. Being a reputed invoicing specialist, we have over 100 active customers and process 130,000+ invoices every day. For instance, if you outsource invoicing services such as accounts payable to a freelancer who’s paid by the hour, wages can go as low as $5 USD. If the workload covers 40 hours a week, that’s $200 a week or $800 a month. With several clients across multiple industries, Oworkers has the expertise that will enable you to get the benefit of accuracy and speed. Oworkers relies on employed staff for delivering on its contracts, and not contractual.

Once you outsource invoicing services, all incoming and outgoing paperwork and files will follow a standard template. When and if you ever decide to outsource invoicing services, you will notice a sudden spike in productivity. We work within your structure, including your payment methods, security standards and payment timelines. Should you not have a process in place for your accounts receivable, we will work with you to create a plan that stays true to your business’ vision and mission.

The case to outsource Invoice Data Entry

Freeing your employees from processing invoices means that they can be assigned to other areas where they are the most needed. It eliminates tying up your employees with unnecessary meetings and training. They can spend more time collecting from delinquent accounts and focusing on relationships with your vendors. If your company is seasonal, then you won’t need to hire extra employees just to deal with invoicing, you can focus on hiring for manufacturing or the service your company provides. First and perhaps most importantly, outsourcing invoicing and statement management can cut costs.

Outgoing invoices or accounts receivable is about the amount of payment to be received after a business has sold goods or delivered services. If you are dealing with a large customer base, you know the difficulty in getting invoicing out every month then outsourcing your invoicing makes sense. You may still be leery of using an invoicing service from past experience. In the digital age, there is no reason to fear invoicing services, in fact, larger companies should be embracing them.

Like Workforce Planning, that ensures all processes are adequately, but not inefficiently, staffed and is able to project future requirements to head off challenges early. You’ve heard “to err is human,” and that applies to your company’s employees as well. Automated payroll processing eliminates under or overcharging on an invoice, or misstating what a charge was for. Processing services have the automation software to ensure there are no mistakes in invoicing.

Invoicing is a commonly outsourced function because there are so many small tasks within accounts payable that take up a lot of time. Your team won’t have to track down late payments, answer questions about invoices, or spend time on banking coordination. There will always be times when someone inputs incorrect information, thus disrupting the entire process. To address this, you need to have a detail-oriented outsourced billing team who can easily notice errors in your financial records. Scale quickly, reduce churn, optimize cash flow, and ensure seamless compliance with our invoice processing services. The best decision you can make for your business is to outsource invoice processing to an ISO-certified organization like ours.

That being said, when employers (the clients) opt to outsource invoicing services, they still need to invest money into outsourcing companies and their services. When you outsource invoicing services, it’s hard to pinpoint or even estimate the cost since every outsourcing company is different. But on the other hand, outsourcing to freelancers and independent contractors may be easier to estimate. When your business is growing and you’re sending out an increasing number of invoices to clients, you may not want to spend time and resources on hiring new staff to do invoice management in-house. When you outsource invoicing to a well-equipped team, the process will be faster and more efficient than doing it in-house.

Vendor to Identify team, and gear up

It is possible that at the start, as you evaluate vendor capabilities and suitability for your requirement, you could be engaging with more than one potential vendor. This is normally the case since hiring is an activity that interfaces with the external world. The organisation’s hiring engine should be well established and regarded in the community to provide this support. Financial health of the organisation is essential to ensure continued delivery. If compromised, it will cut corners, leading to delivery issues and the possibility of a sudden stop.

  • Get in touch with Franco Blueprint for a free consultation to get started.
  • This is the stage where the potential vendor will make a case for being selected, scope of services will be discussed, including indicative pricing.
  • Some businesses use programs and apps to automate their payment processes, opening up their invoice to inevitable machine errors.

Outsource invoice processing services to scale quickly, process invoices on time, and improve cash flow. Incorrect invoices negatively impact an enterprise’s rankings and customer satisfaction metrics. By outsourcing invoicing, your organization can benefit from better business operations with regular, timely, and accurate invoice management.


This improves efficiency and gives you peace of mind that your information is in the right hands. An organized system is a key to easily finding and retrieving information when needed by the business or the clients. It also helps preserve everyone’s sanity when keeping track of the firm’s expenses. A billing specialist does a lot of talking — since part of their job is answering questions, explaining policies, and helping people understand what they have to do to settle their accounts. Analyze your financial health, interpret your financial statements, and forecast cash flow with our financial analysis services. By definition, streamlining is the act of simplifying processes and procedures to eliminate unnecessary workloads.

Never delay your payments, gain customer trust, and manage your working capital better with our accounts payable services. Derek Gallimore has been in business for 20 years, outsourcing for over eight years, and has been living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing. Working with outsourced invoicing experts, it’s important to maintain the quality as if the work is still done in-house.

At HKWJ Tax Law, we assist with financial administration, such as payroll, bookkeeping and accounting, as well as tax and legal matters. Your VA also needs to regularly report on the status of those invoices, especially if there’s something you need to follow up on. Tracking your invoices in a spreadsheet, ideally one that is easily accessible to both you and your assistant, is a great way to keep up with your invoices at a glance. You should train your VA in what you want to have done with your invoices, including when they should bring them to your attention.

An outsourcing partner dedicated to invoice processing and other financial administration, often has better resources than an in-house team. For example, software packages, equipment, administrative support and workflow processes. Your video should walk your assistant through the process of creating, filing, and submitting an invoice, answering as many questions as possible along the way. Often, video proves more memorable than other formats, particularly text-based content. Your video can also help ensure that every member of your team, including your assistant, can create the same style invoice, which can help it get approved faster. Many businesses take advantage of outsourcing for invoicing and other accounts payable duties, in addition to data entry, customer service, marketing, administrative, and other services.

Familiarity with Enterprise financial management systems – Similarly, knowledge of systems like SAP and Peoplesoft used by businesses for handling their finance and accounting, is a plus. When outsourcing, you don’t need to worry about adding people to your payroll and taking care of insurance, pensions, office space and equipment. Errors in invoices can occur in different ways, such as putting down the wrong price or incorrectly outlining the services rendered. Contact 123Employee now to create a custom outsourced billing solution for your company. Having excellent attention to detail is essential in being a billing specialist.

Shorter payment processes

The businesses and people we source inputs in the form of raw materials and services from are our suppliers or vendors or contractors. Even the employees of a business are suppliers in a way; suppliers of expertise, skill and labour that enable the business to create a product or service of value that its clients will pay for. The HKWJ Group is a one-stop holistic service provider and advisor to help your business grow. Within the Group, Triple Eight Ltd provides a wide range of professional and corporate services, such as company secretarial services and company incorporation.