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Outsource2india is one of the leading providers of manufacturing support and process planning services in India and a series of other mechanical engineering services to global clients. We leverage the latest and the best tools and technologies which enable us to deliver quality services within a quick time. We have some of the most qualified and skilled mechanical designers and engineers on board who can take care of any of your needs with ease. Is your company finding it difficult to efficiently manage the resources during the manufacturing process, minimize costs and time to market, and boost the efficiency of the workplace? Then, the best step would be to outsource manufacturing support and process planning services to an experienced and skilled service provider like Outsource2india.

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Taking a holistic view, we provide input to design engineersand R&Dto help optimize the products for manufacturing engineering, while working seamlessly with manufacturing engineers to improve production. OMS offers strong continuity plans to mitigate risks and eliminate supply chain disruptions. With multiple strategically-located, North American manufacturing plants, quality and production are supported through manufacturing redundancy. Management of raw material supply offers multifaceted approaches to control material costs from the mills, exploit material buys and manage inventory. By developing business continuity plans that support value-added collaboration and sustainability in the supply relationship, OMS brings significant value to strategic sourcing and procurement throughout the part life cycle.

O2I’s Mechanical Engineering team functioned as an extended team for an oil & gas company. We helped them complete the project in record time, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. A leading refrigerator manufacturer was looking for a reliable service provider of reverse engineering. Our consultative approach goes beyond just testing the products being produced — it’s helping manufacture them better. We provide input in manufacturing setup to incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and automation to reduce errors throughout the process.

As a manufacturer, you need to be able to focus on your core competencies and let someone else handle the rest. With our manufacturing support services, we act as your front end and back end, taking over your logistics operations and allowing you the space to grow. Take a look at our services below to learn more about how DSV’s manufacturing support logistics will reduce your footprint in order to expand your business functions. We provide expert advice, testing and analysis to improve your products and manufacturing processes. The Mechanical Engineering team is updating 3D models and conversion of the same models to different modeling platforms for an F&B company.

Our team of experienced cost estimators will provide you with the cost estimate information you need to successfully bid for a contract, decide on the profitability of a project, or even decide on a product. Based on factors such as materials and machinery requirements, location and time requirements, and labor and software requirements, our cost estimators will study the available data and present you with the required information. After helping you with product planning, our experienced team will ensure that your product is seen by the right clientele, and your processes are managed efficiently enough to meet the demands of the customer in time. Columbia Tech will provide the necessary support to assure the success of your product in its market and looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company.

Investigate specific service and support offerings by clicking on the Field Service, Spare Parts Management, or Product Refurbishment links or Contact Columbia Tech today. Columbia Tech’sConcept to Commercialization brand promise to OEMs begins with product engineering, capital equipment contract manufacturing, and global fulfillment and logistics. The brand promise finishes with contract manufacturing support and services including parts supply, field service, and product refurbishment.

Being a leading manufacturing support and process planning company, we provide our clients with the best quality services. We are an ISO certified firm which ensures that all the services we deliver are completely error-free.

At Outsource2india, we strive to help our customers through production planning, which is at the core of all manufacturing processes. O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) has earned our reputation as a leading manufacturer of fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies by contributing to our customers’ product and supply chain requirements.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) offers complex supply chain management and integration through tested manufacturing processes for development and production. With OMS, you will have a supply chain partner working with every level of your company to strategically reduce your total manufacturing costs and deliver high-quality products when scheduled. We are committed to providing each of our clients with strategic manufacturing support that produces superior, high performing products. OMS offers a secure, flexible manufacturing solution for reliable, long-term growth.

  • Outsource2india is one of the leading providers of manufacturing support and process planning services in India and a series of other mechanical engineering services to global clients.
  • We have some of the most qualified and skilled mechanical designers and engineers on board who can take care of any of your needs with ease.

Our expertise in warehousing and transportation allows us to provide you these support services that can make your life easier. Working with MILAN allows you to manage your plant more efficiently, effectively and eliminate fixed costs in areas that don’t support your core competencies.

Strategic Manufacturing Support

Production efficiency is critical to your entire operation, which means that managing the supply to your line side is vital. Our manufacturing support services improve visibility and inventory configuration so you receive inbound flows at the right time and in the right sequence. A production line stoppage can be costly, but quality issues and the resulting recalls can have an even larger impact on a company. Our expertshave experience with the latest technology and testing automation, allowing larger samples to be tested more thoroughly and catching potential issues earlier.

Sourcing and purchase order management – Can include procurement of consumable, packaging, or any material that is part of the manufacturing process. Quality partners will have processes and technology that minimize sourcing costs and lead times of products at each stage of your manufacturing supply chain. With manufacturing support, a third-party logistics provider can help you with specialized services in supporting the needs of your plant.

Our engineers help manufacturers with their product design, processes and materials to address development, product improvement, failure analysis and prevention. Our consultants have developed, validated and published methods for quantifying wear in metal-on-metal hip components, and have received invitations to speak at technical conferences for their accomplishments. Utilizing this technique, over 500 metal-on-metal hip components have been measured, aiding scientists, implant designers, and attorneys to understand the failure of these types of devices.

We provide our OEM clients with a reliable supply of quality-approved metal components, ensuring that they have the inventory needed to maintain production schedules. Our industry expertise and automated manufacturing processes allow us to fabricate high quality components and products efficiently, saving costs and ensuring timely delivery.

Through constant process optimization, we help our customers test more efficiently and reach new levels of quality assurance. Disruptions in the supply chain can affect your sleep schedule, and worse yet, bring your production schedules to a halt. When major trepidations abound on mission-critical sub-assemblies, original equipment manufacturers rely on O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) for supply chain risk analysis and management. Many manufacturers are discovering the benefits of using a trusted manufacturing support services provider as a fast and cost-effective way to help reach those goals.

This creative integrated solution can provide you a competitive advantage with flexibility in your manufacturing processes without that additional investment into in labor and buildings. O2I’s Mechanical Engineering team is involved in updating the current database of drawings in different CAD platforms and converting the same to a common CAD platform for a client. We have some of the most qualified and skilled mechanical engineers and designers on board who can take care of all your needs with ease. Our team has the experience to handle any volume of work at a time and deliver flawless services every single time. All our team members including the sales team, marketing team, project management team and call center team are available at all times to answer your queries via phone or email.

This local support allows you to concentrate on your core business of production and we’ll manage the other logistics support areas. We are providing Virtual Assistant services for Engineers and Consultants, supporting the in-house Engineering team in gathering Engineering Data for a large mass lift company.

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The manufacturing services that we offer cover every aspect of the manufacturing or production process, from the conceptual design stage to the final manufacturing and testing stage. We leverage some of the best and latest tools and technologies to provide our clients with the best possible services in the shortest possible time. Manufacturing support companies are devoted to the development and production of products and services utilized in manufacturing processes of other companies.