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President Joe Biden this morning ordered 50 million barrels of oil released from the strategic reserve to help bring down energy costs, in coordination with other major energy consuming nations, including China, India and the U.K. Is the official legal paper for Fulton County, Georgia’s largest metropolitan area. “Inventory” lists the machines and tools assigned to a team for the recording of operating times. The Daily Business Report features the most significant news about money, markets and commerce. There’s been talk that the Federal Reserve will slam interest rates to zero or even negative when the next recession strikes. President Trump’s support for negative interest rates has quickly increased in the last several months as the latest tracking estimates for Q4 GDP have tumbled to sub 0.4%.

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The hotel General manager reviews this daily business report in the morning meeting which is attended by all revenue centre managers/heads. They then discuss on the performance of each revenue centres after reviewing the revenue generated by them. Strategical decisions are then taken by the General Manager if certain revenue centres are not achieving their targeted budgets. The daily project status report must be able to present any positive milestones the team reached for that particular day. It is important to include any progress which has been made for the project since this report’s main purpose is to provide updates on the project’s development. In addition, not only does it complete the picture of how the team was doing in terms of the project, it can also serve as a source of motivation for the team members.

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Get one step closer to realizing the connected job site by putting time back in the hands of those who need it most. Covers law, lawyers and the legal system, as well as business news and lifestyle reports every business day in metropolitan Atlanta and throughout Georgia. It provides smart stories for a sophisticated readership-emphasizing hard news, enterprise reporting, and stories that make a difference. But with the Federal Reserve embarking on a new interest rate cut cycle in response to collapsing global growth, it seems that policy rates across the world could go deeper into the negative territory through 2020.

Lastly, daily reports may also serve as a basis for the employee’s performance evaluation at the end of each term. Using these reports, managers may be able to see how the employee manages his tasks and his time, his decision-making skills, and his leadership abilities. Aside from that, it may also serve as a reference for the employee’s training and development interventions. As Bloomberg notes, policy makers have been walking a tightrope as they try to roll back the implicit guarantees that have long distorted Chinese debt markets, without dragging down an economy already weakened by the trade war and tepid global growth.

daily business report

The overall Bitcoin hashrate has risen 80% since June, which in recent times, has created stronger profitability for miners who have access to cheap energy. The sections “Material” and “External Services” supplement the daily report entry for the documentation of material consumption or external services used. Text and multimedia data such as photos, video and voice recordings of events occurring on the construction site can be taken directly with the iPad and saved as documentation. The Daily Report can be referred to as evidence should any discrepancies occur.

The financial struggles of the U.S. shale industry are becoming increasingly hard to ignore, but drillers in Appalachia are in particularly bad shape. Xiao Wunan, an executive vice-chairman of the China-backed Asia Pacific Exchange and Co-operation Foundation , recently told CNBC that Beijing’s crypto initiatives are strategically important to the communist party. With China controlling more and more of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate, some worry that the US could be falling behind the crypto curve, as Beijing is making a state effort to be a leader in blockchain. “If you are the first to increase your proportion of the hashrate, and you can do that before your competitors, that’s generally good.” Chris Bendkisen, head of research at CoinShares, believes the rapid increase in the Chinese share of hashrate could be due to the deployment of advanced mining technology. Also known as “hashrate,” it’s the speed at which a computer is performing an operation in Bitcoin code to unlock coins, China has been steadily gaining hashrate share this year. While Mr. Trump was “upbeat and enthusiastic about this breakthrough,” in the words of Michael Pillsbury, an adviser to the president during the trade talks, the mood in Beijing has been decidedly more sober.

After a brief lull in the third quarter, a burst of at least 15 new defaults since the start of November have sent the year’s total to 120.4 billion yuan ($17.1 billion), and set to eclipse the 121.9 billion yuan annual record in 2018. But E&P companies focused almost exclusively on gas, such as those in the Marcellus and Utica shales, are in even worse shape. An IEEFA analysis found that seven of the largest producers in Appalachia burned through about a half billion dollars in the third quarter.

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Trump could see negative rates, but it will be for all the wrong reasons, and then US banks will have to make the decision that European banks are currently going through, which is how to pass along negative rates to customers. The ECB and SNB have slammed rates into negative territory in recent years in hopes to stimulate domestic and regional growth by charging banks to deposit funds, rather than lending to consumers or businesses, Bloomberg noted. It seems that policy rates in the US are too high — and will likely conform to the rest of the world, which is near zero to negative territory. This has undoubtedly alarmed UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti, who said banks have “no choice” but to pass on the negative rate pain to customers. It appears that China’s blockade on non-government-sanctioned crypto trading, could be on its way to launching its own digital currency within the next 6 to 12 months, according to fund manager Edith Yeung, who recently appeared on CNBC. – futures have faded the entire move higher and as in danger of rolling over as it suddenly appears that algos are no longer responding to the daily injections of artificial “trade deal optimism.” Fitch also warned that the global auto industry won’t rebound in 2020, and it’s also likely the industry has entered a low growth period.

The more that central banks’ communications strategy focuses on trying to make themselves “popular” in the public’s eyes, the greater the temptation to address topics outside their primary remit. Daily status reports look into the day-to-day development of a project and to monitor whether is it complete according to plan or there is a delay for some reason. It is a useful tool to monitor if something implements smoothly or if there are certain factors which might affect performance. Use this solution to enable foremen to enter in time + daily log info quickly for their crews while allowing superintendents and project managers speedy visibility into daily work completed on specific job phases. Finance teams can now have greater accuracy in time-planning per job and eliminate mountains of data entry. Try our Daily Report solution for construction companies to enable paperless time entry and admin tasks on the job site.

Such statements, combined with actions that will be discussed below, reveal that more and more central banks are preparing for plan B. The Fitch Ratings economics team published a new report earlier this week, first reported by CNBC, outlining how global auto sales are expected to crash at a rate not seen since the last financial crisis. – optionally shared online asteam-wide status reports, i.e., all team members share their progress with each other to spend less time on meetings. Daily project status reports are also useful for the team and the individual team members, as it allows them to see the daily progress they are making in terms of the project. Accounting for all progress of a project or a task or for all activities accomplished and done within the day, a daily report is prepared by employees for submission to their supervisors.

daily business report

“Daily Report” provides the construction site foreman with a simple instrument for the mobile recording of employee hours, material consumption, machine hours and external services. Though Trump on Twitter has been begging for negative rates for the last several months as the US economy grinds to halt in Q4.

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It’s also an effective way of finding which tasks are completed by their staff so they can distribute tasks discerningly. YTD auto sales in the country are down 11% versus the first ten months of 2018. Brazil, Russia, and India are expected to record a drop of at least 5.5% YTD. The problem for Appalachian drillers is that Permian producers are not really interested in all of the gas they are producing. Gas prices in the Permian have plunged close to zero, and have at times turned negative, but gas production in Texas really hinges on the industry’s interest in oil. This dynamic means that the gas glut becomes entrenched longer than it otherwise might.

  • “Structurally, environmental concerns about diesel cars — and anticipated regulatory responses — and the growth of ride-hailing and car-sharing schemes are weighing on auto demand,” Coulton told CNBC.
  • Using these reports, managers may be able to see how the employee manages his tasks and his time, his decision-making skills, and his leadership abilities.
  • No one forgets to fill in their status reports because ProsperForms automatically sends timely reminders according to the schedule you chose.
  • Daily project status reports are also useful for the team and the individual team members, as it allows them to see the daily progress they are making in terms of the project.

With all the money that’s been created by governments and central banks, the chances are excellent we’re going to have a gigantic bull market. Maybe the last one, since I expect the world is going back to using gold as money—at which point we’ll have a stable gold price.

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The closed daily reports are available in Daily Reports as documentation or can be deleted if no longer needed. But the growing public demand that central banks contribute more actively to the fight against climate change leads to a different dimension. In theory, central banks could introduce preferential interest rates for “green” activities – thus driving up the prices of “green bonds” – while adopting a more negative attitude toward noxious assets, such as those tied to fossil fuels. And yet, assessing whether and to what extent an asset is environmentally harmful or helpful would be extremely difficult. It is also essential in determining if the project is still on track or if it is lagging behind its schedule. Since multiple teams can work on a single construction site, the system allows an individual Daily Report Template to be created for each team. The Daily Report Template for a team is transferred together with the necessary base data to the iPad creating the basis for the entry of new daily reports.

It might also be helpful to include what the employee learned during the day. It could be a practical learning—an easier way to do something, a new process that could speed up things, or any innovation to help improve the team or the organization. The learning could also be a conceptual one—a realization, an attitude change, or even a shift in the mindset. Across south Louisiana, families and businesses are struggling to rebuild homes and storefronts following two years of hurricanes.

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System is seeing indications of enrollment growth after new enrollments fell off last year, the system’s chief public affairs officer says. The Abacus “AbaSmart” app must be installed on the iPad in order to access “Daily Report”. The mobile Daily Report is fully integrated in the server-based ERP software and supplements the AbaBuild technical programs. Material deliveries to the construction site are documented in the delivery journal and can be used to check the billed amounts appearing on the subsequent invoice. “It’s really been something (that’s) been in the works for the last few years,” she said on Wednesday during an interview. Yeung is a partner at blockchain-focused venture capital fund Proof of Capital. “Structurally, environmental concerns about diesel cars — and anticipated regulatory responses — and the growth of ride-hailing and car-sharing schemes are weighing on auto demand,” Coulton told CNBC.

Meanwhile, tensions between China and the U.S. continue to hit new fever pitches, as the trade war standoff between the two countries continues. Yeung says that even thought the dollar remains the world’s reserve currency, the wider use of the Yuan could “challenge the U.S.” And China has recently embraced blockchain, with state media reporting that President Xi Jinping said the country should look to “take a lead” in the technology. As if the trade war – and soon to be currency war – between China and the U.S. needed another wrench thrown in its gears… Ask us at the Bundesbank what our gold holdings mean for us and we will tell you that, first and foremost, they make up a very large share of Germany’s reserve assets … Are a major anchor underpinning confidence in the intrinsic value of the Bundesbank’s balance sheet. “While we don’t see a further sharp decline in global manufacturing in 2020, the auto outlook is pointing to stabilization at best rather than any sharp rebound,” Coulton said.

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The data synchronisation transfers the entered daily reports and multimedia data to the ERP system. If no internet connection is available the data is saved on the iPad and can be synchronised later when a connection becomes available. Daily reports can be edited at any time and repeatedly synchronised with the ERP system.

The deal had been cemented in May 2014 when Russian gas giant Gazprom signed a 30-year contract with China National Petroleum Corp, after which the pipeline agreements were signed with both leaders present in Shanghai in later 2014. China’s two latest defaults involved just such a company; on Monday Peking University Founder Group shocked investors after failing to repay a 2 billion yuan bond. The same day, Tunghsu Optoelectronic Technology, a maker of photoelectric display components, also failed to deliver early repayment on both interest and principal for a 1.7 billion yuan note. With capital markets growing less friendly, the only response for drillers is to cut back. IEEFA notes that drilling permits in Pennsylvania in October fell by half from the same month a year earlier. The number of rigs sidelined and the number of workers cut from payrolls also continues to pile up.

It was long believed in the gold space that Western central banks are against gold, but things have changed, for quite some years now. Instead of discouraging people from buying gold, or convincing them that gold is an irrelevant asset, many of these central banks are increasingly honest about the true properties of this monetary metal. Stating that gold is the ultimate store of value, that it preserves its purchasing power through time and is a global means of payment.