Five Chilling Instances Of Slips In Time

Jourdain didn’t see her but Moberly claims she later recognised the woman when she saw a particular portrait of Marie Antoinette . I think you misread the overall tone in this thread. Saying no, there isn’t any physical basis to believe time-slips actually exist is not a negative tone, in this forum.

time slips

The operator said to me “are you getting in or what? I did jump in and the elevator went up a floor and everyone alighted. “No thanks, I need to go back” I replied and then I alighted back on the ground floor and made my way to my car. After crossing the road and opening my car door I turned to look at the factory. This was in broad daylight during my lunch hour and certainly not a dream. Only then did I realise that this was similar to the man and the sink when I was a child.

Definition Of Time

After wandering around for a while he finally started to become tired and went back to his bedroom. “We went to the location to retrieve the tank the next night,” Karl said. Then they pulled around the barn toward the house. The web is awash with ordinary peoples’ stories of “time slips.” Their real magic is what they can tell us about our relationship to time. ‘We realised the tank was almost half full and too heavy to load,’ Karl said. Limit time slips to jumps between eras that separated by a time period equal to that in which both an even number of sidereal day and sidereal years fit .

time slips

It was so vivid and so real if just for a moment. The Society for Psychical Research reviewed their book, An Adventure . Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick thought they’d simply misinterpreted ordinary events. In The Ghosts of the Trianon , Michael Coleman analysed different editions of the book. He noticed that later editions contained descriptions that grew more fantastical after they’d conducted research into the palace and the time period. The paranormal experience began when Miss Smith was about half a mile from the first houses of Letham village and it continued until she reached them.

We are also saying farewell to Carol Varney, who has served as TimeSlips’ executive director for nearly two years. Kate Britton, TimeSlips’ former Operations Director, will be coming back part-time as our Managing Director, ensuring a smooth leadership transition. Our classic creative storytelling – you can say anything. Frank realised that he was now standing in the middle of the road and, looking at what should have been Dillons book store, the shop now had Cripps on its sign.


I kept playing until 9 am, and then went to do something else. When It was 6 pm, my parents and my brother came back from work. That was when I realized that my brother hadn’t been in the house earlier when I was playing Candy Crush. So, I’m not sure if it was a ghost posing as my brother, or a time slip back to when my sister was in her room or something.

time slips

I’ll be completely blunt; it didn’t impress me either. The palace of Herrenchiemsee, built by Ludwig II in Bavaria as a copy of Versailles, is far nicer.

Time Slips: Urban Legend, Ghost Story, Or Utter Nonsense?

Baffled, they returned four years later, again to try to locate the hotel. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t particularly care for the overall negative tone in this thread because… Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. We tried to buy one more license for a new employee last week, but were told that since our version is no longer supporting “older” versions. I was told I would have to spend $7000 to upgrade. I called my consultant and will fire TineSlips shortly when we buy a new system.

  • There had formerly been a wall build down the middle to keep them from looking at each other.
  • His appearance has been debunked, since his printed T-shirt is, in fact, a sports sweater.
  • Perhaps the space-time continuum simply has a hiccup and we briefly glimpse earlier versions of the space we occupy.
  • My parents and my older brother had left for work at 6 am.

This episode of Strange Matters talks about the phenomenon known as Time Slips. This episode goes over details of these so called “Time Slips,” as well as presents various stories of people who have said to experienced such things. Time slips let the living experience another period. No one knows if those affected actually travel to another time.

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I found a global community of believers building an archive of temporal dislocations from the present. These congregants gathered in corners of the internet to testify about how, in the right conditions, the dusting of alienation that settles over the world as we age can crystallize into collective fiction.

In some cases, they don’t even realise it’s happened until some time later when they’ve discussed a strange or unusual shop with someone else. So basically, a few years back during the summer time, when I was 10, I was sitting on my sister’s bed in her room. My parents and my older brother had left for work at 6 am. I’m not sure, but my sister was either hanging out in my parents’ bedroom, or at an interview.

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Or, to put it another way – you can have a sci-fi book that has time-slips in it. Or, you can have a sci-fi book that has time-slips and shows some of the issues with time-slips, and how the characters, technology, world, universe, etcetera deal with those issues. But when you return you return to a different time because a hacker has changed the coordinates of your future anchor. Or, you appear but the timeslip has vanished – its opening now back in time from your point of view. Now, you need to find ANOTHER, to get back to a time before your first one opened, so you can go home… While searching for the Petit Trianon, they passed a small cottage and a farmhouse.

When I was 9 or 10 I was walking outdoors in between my parents. I suddenly stumbled but managed to catch myself before I fell, but the scene changed.

Not having enough cash, she went to another store before returning home. Another incident in Liverpool involved a teenager named Imogen who went out shopping to buy some baby clothes for her older sister, who’d just become a mum. Back in 1996, Frank was out shopping and decided to visit HMV to look for a CD. As he walked along near the Post Office, he suddenly felt as if he’d stepped into an ‘oasis of quietness’. He was then shocked to see a small box van reminiscent of the 1950s speed across his path, narrowly missing him and honking its horn. Accept credit card or eCheck/ACH payments on invoices. Note that some billing software integrates with third-party payment services but don’t provide a built-in payment solution.

Time Anomalies

I had thought of this occurrence on and off over the years until i heard of Time Slips on the radio from Coast to Coast I had no answer to this event. A white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Fall 1971, and stopped at a gate. Karl, Mark, and Gordon worked for cattle feed distributor and were sent to this remote area to pick up a feeder. What they found there has kept them silent for 41 years. Lucie Elven is a writer whose first book of fiction, “The Weak Spot,” was published this year in the United States by Soft Skull Press and in Britain by Prototype.

This does mean you have complete control over the program’s uptime and security on your end but also limits your mobility of use. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm. The next morning he complimented his host on the excellent job he’d done of preserving part of the house’s history. The host was puzzled and asked my ancestor to replace his steps. The corridor was there, but not the doors … because, as the host explained, that wing of the house had been torn down nearly two centuries before. A grainy black and white film is all I can describe what I saw – with two, possibly three people standing in front of me. The figure standing immediately in front of me was a middle-aged man who had a beard.

I was listening to a supernatural podcast today that covered the Versailles timeslip. I’d never heard of it before and thought I’d do some research this evening and found you! Reading these comments I realised I have a similar story. At one site that was barely stones sticking out of the grass I turned to my partner and said this was the monastery’s refectory. He said what are you on about and I realised as I walked into the ruin I’d seen just for a moment a busy room full of monks eating at long wooden tables. On our way out we came across one of those signs showing where each room was and yes I had located the refectory correctly.

One tour took him to Britain where he stayed in his host’s manor. For whatever reason he had difficulty falling asleep and so decided to explore the building a bit. According to the story he walked down a corridor which led to a set of rooms he hadn’t seen before. He was surprised to see that everything in them – furniture, lamps, paintings and so on – appeared to be very old, as if the rooms had been preserved from an earlier era.

Tom Slemen details some incredible timeslips in his excellent Haunted Liverpool books. I had something like that happen to me, lasting maybe seconds. I was sitting on my living room sofa listening to music and reading. House was quiet, and at some point I felt a heavy feeling like a wave overtook me.