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Therefore, if the transaction is challenged by a stockholder in litigation, the transaction will be subject to a higher level of judicial scrutiny that is applicable to conflicted transactions. In Delaware, this higher standard is called the “entire fairness” standard of review. Under “entire fairness,” the defendants must demonstrate that the transaction is entirely fair to the common stockholders – in both process as well as price. A buyer typically will not commit to pay an option fee unless the buyer can exercise the option and effect the purchase of the target without the target or its stockholders being able to back out of the transaction because they think the target is more valuable than the agreed upon price.

creative acquisition accounting

By obtaining stockholder approval of the merger immediately after the option grant, the target can promise not to solicit or shop the deal without having to obtain the typical “fiduciary out” for any competing bid that is received by the target during the option period. Manipulating financial numbers, within the letter of law but against tho spirit is considered as creative accounting. Assets and liabilities may also be manipulated, either to remain within limits such as debt covenants or to hide problems. For example, working capital efficiency is managed by valuing the stock at market value which is higher than the cost knowing fully well stock should be valued at cost or market price whichever is lower. The reporting of deviation is done most often in the notes to take shelter under the loose ends of law . That is if operating efficiency should be boosted, then profits are inflated.

Recording pertains to writing down or keeping records of business transactions. Once they are classified, information is summarized into reports which we call financial statements. The main instrument used for the collection of data in this study was the questionnaire, which was designed in five response options of likert-scale (i.e. strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree and neutral). The questionnaire was administered on experienced/senior branch Managers/assistant managers and Accountants/ assistant accountants of the commercial banks chosen for this study. Oluba as cited in observed that not a few banks in Nigeria are involved in creative accounting. The most popular ones are to manipulate the profit figures to get rid of excessive taxation in futures, many a time the books of accounts through which these tax figures are found out are generally not correct the manipulation is done from the very primary level.

A collection of systems and processes used to record, report and interpret business transactions. Managerial accounting is the practice of analyzing and communicating financial data to managers, who use the information to make business decisions. Creative accounting is at the root of a number of accounting scandals and many proposals for accounting reform-usually centering on an updated analysis of capital and post acquisition reserves and earning are distributed to the share holders. Creative acquisition accounting – As the number of acquisitions has decreased and with the advent of FASB ASC Topic 805, this doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as it once was.

Market values, the difference between the purchase price and the net assets acquired being attributed to goodwill. The production of financial and non-financial information used in planning for the future; making decisions about products, services, prices and what costs to incur; and ensuring that plans are implemented and achieved.

Generally it is best to have an objective milestone that causes the option period to end. Typical creative accounting tricks include off balance sheet financing, over-optimistic revenue recognition and the use of exaggerated non-recurring items. The term “window dressing” has similar meaning when applied to accounts, but is a broader term that can be applied to other areas.

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The boundaries of generally accepted accounting principles, and fraudulent financial reporting. In the 1990s, the energy, commodities, and services company engaged in all sorts of unethical accounting practices.

Judges enforce the letter of the law and where there are loopholes, the law may be changed. Nike, Inc. famously employed offshoring by selling its Swoosh logo to a Bermuda-based special-purpose entity subsidiary for a nominal amount, and then went on to “charge itself” licensing fees that Nike Inc. had to pay to the subsidiary in order to use its own brand in Europe. The Dutch tax authorities were aware of and approved of this siphoning structure, but did not publish the private agreement they had with Nike. Through a Dutch tax loophole, CV’s owned by individuals that are residing in the Netherlands are tax-free. Exploiting this structure saved Nike more than $1Bn in taxes annually and reduced its global tax rate to 13.1%; the company is currently being pursued for billions of dollars worth of back taxes in litigation by multiple governments for this multinational tax avoidance.

May include plant, machinery and equipment, shares of another company etc. And development and an overly aggressive accrual of costs required to effect the acquisition.

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creative acquisition accounting

As with most types of misrepresentation, the most effective examples of creative accounting are the ones that tell a portion of the truth, but downplay any elements that could alter the perception that the company wishes to convey to others. For example, a company may play up the fact that it recently experienced… CREATIVE ACCOUNTING AND EARNING MANAGEMENT Introduction Financial statements are bound by laws and accounting standards.

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Even if stockholder approval from employees is not required, an employee with equity stock may receive related notices needed for a waiver of appraisal or dissenters rights. Option to acquire deals can occur at any stage of a target’s life cycle. In the startup context, these deals are commonly called “build to buy” transactions because, in a sense, the buyer is providing the potential target with the necessary financial resources needed to build the target’s product or business into a venture that the buyer would be willing to buy. More mature companies may also enter into option to acquire deals to further develop an existing business segment or to seek backing for a pivot in the company’s strategic direction for a particular product or business. Options to acquire are fairly common in the medical device and life sciences industries and have been used by big pharma to identify new drug candidates. However, an option to acquire transaction also provides attractive opportunities for funds and companies in other industries as well, as a way to get an inside track on new technology. One of the major observations relating to creative accounting is that creative accounting techniques change the main numbers shown in the financial statements, but make themselves evident elsewhere, most often in the notes to the accounts.

  • If the target intends to complete a financing transaction with certain existing investors in conjunction with the option to acquire transaction, the target board should also be mindful of its fiduciary duties to the target’s stockholders.
  • The amounts, figures, and other data in the financial reports have meanings that are useful to the users.
  • It is also worth remembering that more attractive figures may lead to higher bonuses for directors, help convince a lender to give a firm a loan and inflate the company’s valuation in the event of a sale.
  • The Enron scandal revealed that Enron had extensively made use of sub-corporations to offload debts and hide its true losses in a Tobashi fashion.
  • Through a Dutch tax loophole, CV’s owned by individuals that are residing in the Netherlands are tax-free.
  • However, that does not mean that investors should sit back and do nothing.
  • Enron was a U.S. energy company that perpetrated one of the biggest accounting frauds in history.

Sometimes, the enterprises may also reduce reported profits in good years to smoothen the results. However, to protect against bad loans, banks must keep aside a stash of money called a “reserve”. Creative accounting consists of accounting practices that follow required laws and regulations, but deviate from what those standards intend to accomplish. Creative accounting capitalizes on loopholes in the accounting standards to falsely portray a better image of the company. Although creative accounting practices are legal, the loopholes they exploit are often reformed to prevent such behaviors. On the other hand, as discussed above, a target’s ability to renegotiate the terms of the acquisition are very limited. If a buyer has entered into an option to acquire transaction with a private target, the parties may choose not to disclose publicly that they have entered into the agreement in order to avoid a disruption to the target’s business.

The buyer, however, should be able to get some operational covenant protection during the option period so that the target is not fundamentally changed during the option period. The target needs to be mindful of creating clarity about when the option period ends.

In accordance with the target board’s fiduciary duties, before approving an option to acquire transaction, the board should consider the target’s strategic alternatives, including the availability of other financing, the target’s prospects, and risks and uncertainties facing its business. As part of this process, the target board should pay close attention to the process for selling the company as well as the process for concluding that an option to acquire transaction is the best alternative for the target and its stockholders under the circumstances. The board should also consider the method for valuing the company, the terms of the option , the terms of the acquisition agreement if the option is exercised and any other relevant factors. But, how clearness the users of statement observe creative accounting is questionable. Anyway, value of information content in financial statement is concerned even though financial statements give adequate information enable users to adjust for creative accounting as certain investors rely on reported earning numbers in income statement.

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This massive debt was largely caused by failed operations in Latin America and increasingly complex financial instruments used to mask debt—such as Parmalat “billing itself” through a subsidiary called Epicurum. It was also discovered that its CEO Calisto Tanzi had ordered the creation of shell accounts and diverted 900M Euros worth into his private travel company. The scheme consisted of mis-reporting a Repo (a promise to re-buy a liability or asset after selling it) as a sale, and timing it exactly in a way that half of the transaction was completed before a profitability reporting deadline, half after—hence bolstering profitability numbers on paper. Public prosecutors in New York filed suit against EY for allowing the “accounting fraud involving the surreptitious removal of tens of billions of dollars of fixed income securities from Lehman’s balance sheet in order to deceive the public about Lehman’s true liquidity condition”. They are characterized by excessive complication and the use of novel ways of characterizing income, assets, or liabilities and the intent to influence readers towards the interpretations desired by the authors. Creative accounting is oftentimes used in tandem with outright financial fraud , and lines between the two are blurred.

Creative accountants will always find bizarre and novel ways to tweak figures to a company’s advantage. Their goal is to make a firm look as successful and profitable as possible and sometimes they will go about doing this by twisting the truth. If a gray area in accounting is found, it may be exploited, even if it results in misleading investors. Accordingly, the target should consider the potential impact of the option to acquire transaction on employee retention and recruitment of new employees.

In a typical option to acquire transaction, the option fee is typically non-refundable. The buyer may also make an equity investment in the target during the option period, however the option fee itself is generally not convertible into equity of the target if the option is not exercised. The aim in creative accounting is to make the company appear financially healthier than it really is. The paradox is that the well-intentioned changes in accounting standards open up new opportunities for creative accounting. One element of earnings management that has proven popular with corporate management is the “big bath” scenario, which is seen by academics as an opportunistic method of creative accounting (Reidl 2004, p.823).

Usually, the target requires additional financing to fund the development activities but the buyer is unwilling to provide the often-substantial development funding without obtaining some security that it will have the exclusive option to acquire the target in the future. These transactions, totaling more than 2.3 billion Euros, were technically loans but concealed as currency swaps in order to circumvent Maastricht Treaty rules on member nations deficit limits and allowed Greece to “hide” an effective 1 billion euro loan. After Goldman Sachs had engineered the financial instrument and sold it to the Greeks—simply shifting the liabilities in the future and defrauding investors and the European Union, the investment bank’s president Gary Cohn pitched Athens another deal. Now, finance leases must be presented on the statement of financial position, demonstrating clearly that the framework emphasises economic substance over legal form, recognising economic reality and reducing the scope for manipulation. Managers tend to misapply accounting principles to give better appearance in financial statement to investors.

The principles, bases, conventions, rules and procedures adopted by management in preparing and presenting financial statements. The period of time for which financial statements are produced see also financial year. Aggressive accounting refers to accounting practices designed to overstate a company’s financial performance, whether legally or illegally.

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Sometimes, the specific terms of the option may also be set forth in a standalone option agreement that is separate from the acquisition agreement. Yes, assuming that the target does not have a “put” right in the contract, a buyer will not be obligated to exercise the option and, therefore, can seek changes to the merger agreement before it agrees to exercise the option. A target, however, does not have to agree to any such changes to the executed acquisition agreement.