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Accounting technology

Elaine performs tax planning services and provides compliance advice for a variety of businesses and individuals in the federal tax area as well as assistance with state tax reporting, IRS audits, and foreign tax matters. His experience includes working with high-net-worth individuals, Partnerships, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Estate, Trust, and nonprofit organizations. He also specializes in advising business clients on their financial and operating planning needs. Lou consults on government contract procurement and regulatory compliance issues and construction litigation support matters.

Accounting technology

Instead of using handwritten ledgers and calculators, accounting professionals could now automate equations in an electronic spreadsheet. Spreadsheet software allowed public accounting professions to spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on finding solutions for high-level issues. Today, clients expect their accountants to offer automated services, and accounting professionals of all specializations are struggling to meet those demands. Patrick has been in the accounting profession since 1999 and currently leads Rubino’s outsourced accounting practice.

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Scott uses his expertise to assist clients navigating through the complex web of rules and regulations to maintain compliance and improve performance and efficiency. He values working closely with clients not only during the audit period, but over the course of the entire year to help them through various challenges that may arise. Filibert has been in the accounting profession since 2015 and specializes in providing audit and accounting services to nonprofit organizations. He regularly analyzes and reconciles balance sheet accounts and prepares financial statements. Filibert executes various types of transaction testing which include disbursements, payrolls, and journal entries. On a regular basis, he performs walkthroughs with clients to better understand their system of recording.

  • This efficiency can provide accountants additional time to optimize their involvement in a company’s economic strategies.
  • Shannon has been providing taxation services since 1995 and specializes in individual, corporate, and nonprofit tax returns.
  • These engagements have included the specialized requirements of audits performed under the Uniform Guidance.
  • Young prospective accountants are coming into a world set to be transformed by technology, where they will be involved in high-value, high-impact activities driven by innovation.
  • From data collection to preparation to review and final delivery, a customized, cloud-based, end-to-end accounting technology solution allows for advanced data sharing and paperless processing.

She has focused most of her career on providing tax compliance and consulting to nonprofit organizations in the greater D.C. Of all the information technology advancements that have shaped the accounting industry, software has had the largest impact. In the latter half of the 20th century, technology companies developed innovative spreadsheet software for accountants to use on computers.

Melanie joins Rubino after holding an impressive career with the likes of the Internal Revenue Service, Berlin Ramos & Company, and Cherry Bekaert, LLC. In this role, she works with high-net-worth clients and specializes in business pass through taxes and individual income tax compliance. She has extensive experience in the healthcare, real estate markets, and hospitality. With over 15 years of experience, Danielle holds business consulting knowledge combined with corporate tax expertise making her a unique asset to clients and Rubino team.

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As a practicing attorney she specializes in estate planning, wealth preservation and probate administration. Her responsibilities include supervision and review of corporate, partnership, and individual tax returns. She also provides tax consulting and planning services for a variety of small businesses.

This is particularly true for accountants who may have been slow to embrace advances in technology but have now come to realize the enormous benefits of technology created specifically for accountants and accounting firms. This course focuses on the fundamentals of the federal income tax laws with primary emphasis on those affecting the individual. Emphasis is on gross income determination, adjustments to income, business expenses, itemized deductions, exemptions, capital gains/losses, depreciation, and tax credits. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to apply the fundamentals of the federal income tax laws affecting the individual.

Since joining Rubino, Dan has devoted most of his time, providing auditing, consulting, and tax services to nonprofit and government contractors and their related regulatory and compliance requirements. With an emphasis on accountability, Patty helps nonprofit organizations meet their financial reporting, operational, and federal and state filing requirements. Due to her extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations in all areas of tax preparation and planning, Patty understands the vigorous reporting requirements of the Form 990. Patty is mostly retired, but still works with Rubino on an as needed part-time basis. Debbie specializes in providing consulting and accounting services to government contractors, medical providers, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses. She offers clients practical accounting experience with an emphasis on financial operations and management, cost accounting and accounting system design.

Bruce brings over 40 years of experience which includes working five years with a national firm’s tax department. Patrick is a well-known and respected expert in compliance matters arising out of Federal awards. Filibert also has experience assessing, observing, and testing internal control procedures and compliance with laws, regulations, and grant requirements.

She has experience providing audit services to a variety of clients including law firms, real estate, hospitality, investment managers, and benefit plans. She began her audit career with Deloitte and then moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Most recently, prior to joining the firm, she worked on internal audit department to help with the transitioning from private to public of a resort company. These engagements have included the specialized requirements of audits performed under the Uniform Guidance. Greg has been in the accounting profession since 2012 and specializes in preparing tax returns.

Automated accounting technology

A major way artificial intelligence is modernizing accounting is through its marriage with big data. Accounting firms have access to enormous amounts of unstructured data that would have previously been almost impossible to analyze. Through natural language processing (NLP), accountants can offer more accurate and valuable insights for better client outcomes. As a member of the Rubino team, she supports each line of business and champions the firm’s proposal and pursuit efforts. Vital to Rubino’s business development, Danielle leads the proposal process, gathering and creating material to compile solutions that meet and exceed the client’s needs.

By automating workflow processes with connected accounting technology, the challenges of paper-based processes and tedious manual work are a thing of the past. Accounting technology offers accountants the ability to share data and documents with clients and staff in real time. By enabling remote work and online collaboration with clients, accountants can save time, enhance the client experience, and boost staff engagement. With the right accounting technology in place, accountants can automate manual activities, saving them precious time and money while also improving accuracy, enabling collaboration and work/life balance and boosting staff and client engagement levels.

Accounting technology

Essentially, an API acts as a facilitator that enables two different and separate applications to talk to each other. As these trends continue, accounting is set to benefit enormously from continuing technological progress. This has moved the CFO—and the accounting team, by extension—to a central place in the company boardroom and at the right hand of the CEO in almost every major decision.

Lisa specializes in tax planning, tax compliance, and tax preparation services for high-net-worth clients, flow-through structures, and corporations. She also assists businesses with the tax requirements of their initial registration and maintains ongoing tax compliance. Accounting is an ever-changing industry—technology providers are constantly releasing new, innovative accounting technology that changes the way accountants do their jobs. Early spreadsheet software paved the way for more advanced technology, including automated accounts payable software and payroll and tax automation programs. Automated accounts payable software eliminated the need for manual data entry by pulling essential information from financial documents and entering that information into a database.

Kyle also supports client needs with budget systems, projections, audit and tax return support. His experience working with these organizations provides Kyle with relevant insight into how strong financial leadership contributes to the overall success of the organization. Cloud computing is a type of internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data on demand. This allows accountants to perform tasks from any location, as well as deliver financial information and reports through the cloud. Now, there is more time to engage with the client and focus on business strategy instead of getting burdened with detailed processes.

By comparing a tax return with last year’s documents, accounting technology can catch errors before it’s too late to fix them. This decreases both the margin of error and the time needed to review returns for accuracy. Bob is also thoroughly familiar with auditing real estate projects receiving an allocation of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. He has worked with most federal financial assistance programs and Community Development Block Grant Programs. Craig brings over 30 years of experience and specializes in finding strategies to minimize tax burdens for his clients. He is responsible for management of the tax, wealth management and business consulting practice, practice development and client services.

”, forward-thinking firms have been proactively putting automation to work for themselves. It can be easy to write off blockchain technology as the latest business buzzword that will pass with time, but accountants don’t have that luxury. Blockchain is already being adopted into the accounting industry and looks likely to stay. It’s essentially used to record and distribute transactional data in a secure way. This gives it tremendous potential to expand in the profession as a tool to reliably track financial information. Kristen is responsible for providing clients with a variety of tax-compliance services, including individual and fiduciary return preparation, tax projections, and substantive responses to IRS and state tax authority inquiries.

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From enabling online ordering to facilitating remote work to overcoming labor shortages, technology can streamline accounting processes, improve the customer experience, and help scale businesses—even amidst a challenging backdrop. No matter how many slick new tools come along, the fact remains that accountants must master Excel. It is the king of the workplace, and learning how to use it well saves time and prevents errors. Who knows, you may earn a reputation as an Excel expert in your office, increasing your credibility and maybe even opening doors for networking with leadership. Karis has been in the accounting profession since 2011 and leads Rubino’s nonprofit audit practice. Lou is the co-founder of Rubino and has led Rubino to becoming one of the top accounting firms in the DC metropolitan area.